Membership benefits

AENEAS promotes Research, Development and Innovation in the field of micro- and nano-electronics-enabled components and systems in order to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry across the electronics value chain.

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European commission and parliament
National and Regional Public Authorities (position papers, meetings, events, etc.)


Together, shape the future of digital Europe and co-define RD&I strategy

Benefit from cross-fertilisation in a global network of experts from large industry, SMEs, universities or research organisations

Build new partnerships / consortia, participate in the co-creation of new projects, fund your project with various instruments (e.g. Chips JU) and run funded projects with AENEAS support

Increase your international visibility, gain access to all stakeholders & valuable recognition. Share risk and RD&I costs, benefit from a pool of expertise and faster time to market

Economic impact on your activities (accelerate your time to market) and solve societal and economic challenges