AENEAS advocates for European and National support of Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) in the field of Electronics Components and Systems and more specifically in micro- and nano-electronics-enabled components and systems in order to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry across the electronics value chain. AENEAS advocates for both the topics and funding conditions towards the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the Council, as well as to National Public Authorities supporting trans-national collaborations.

AENEAS has a proven track record of success in influencing public policy and this is based on three major pillars:

  1. Participating, together with the European Commission and ECSEL Participating States, in the ECSEL Joint Undertaking established under Council Regulation (EU) No 561/2014 of May 6th, 2014.
  2. Co-defining the new European Partnership on Key Digital Technologies (KDT) under the new EC Framework Programme 2021-2027 Horizon Europe and participating in the new KDT Joint Undertaking established under Council Regulation (EU) 2021/2085 of 19 November 2021
  3. Participating, together with EUREKA member and associated countries, in the EUREKA clusters EURIPIDES² and PENTA endorsed by EUREKA under E!9911 on July 1st, 2015 and newly to the Xecs Cluster, and preparing the future of the Clusters.

1.ECSEL Joint Undertaking (JU) advocacy

The ECSEL Joint Undertaking (JU) funds RD&I world-class expertise projects in Electronic Components and Systems, essential for Europe’s competitive leadership in the era of the digital economy. The ECSEL JU Public-Private Partnership is composed of:

  • Three associations (AENEAS, Inside and EPoSS) representing the private actors from the areas of micro- and nano-electronics, smart integrated systems and embedded and cyber-physical systems.
  • The European Commission.
  • Member States and Associated Countries to the Framework Programme Horizon 2020 on a voluntary basis.

Being a part of the Governing Board of ECSEL, AENEAS has voting rights which allows the Associations to influence the strategic orientation and the operations of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking as well as the implementation of its activities. AENEAS along with Inside and EPoSS, has the obligation to co-finance the ECSEL JU office together with the EC. AENEAS invoices financial contributions to its members involved in ECSEL projects, to co-finance the ECSEL JU office and cover their services.

As an AENEAS member, you have received first-hand information on the latest directions and decisions of the ECSEL JU. In operational terms, AENEAS has informed its members on any new ECSEL JU Call implementation and has provided support to partners with direct support to Project Coordinators.

2. The new European Partnership on Key Digital Technologies (KDT) advocacy

AENEAS has been collaborating with two sister Industry Associations, EPoSS and Inside, for several years. The three associations have renewed their memorandum of understanding in 2019, extending their cooperation to support EUREKA alongside the ECSEL Joint Undertaking and the envisaged new European Partnership on Key Digital Technologies (KDT).

Initially, AENEAS, together with 92 European associations, urged the EU Institutions to make RD&I a priority within the next Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 in a Joint Statement. Then at EFECS 2019, the three industry associations AENEAS, Inside and EPoSS released a new Joint Statement, calling for several improvements for an even stronger partnership on KDT. Together with EPoSS and INSIDE, it answered all relevant public consultations launched by the European Commission.


Since September 2019, AENEAS has been deeply involved in the co-design of the proposal for the European Partnership for Key Digital Technologies under Horizon Europe, together with the European Commission, the Member States and Norway, shaping the landscape of collaborative RD&I for the period 2021-2027.

The KDT Joint Undertaking, established in 2021, funds projects for assuring world-class expertise in these key enabling technologies, essential for Europe’s competitive leadership in the era of the digital economy. Representing private Members along with its two sister associations, AENEAS has voting rights in the KDT JU Governing Board which allows the association to influence the strategic orientation and the operations of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking as well as the implementation of its activities.

As an AENEAS member, your interests are represented at the highest level via AENEAS and, thanks to AENEAS early involvement, you are informed of the latest Calls and of any future developments of the funding instrument.

3. The EUREKA Clusters Xecs, PENTA and EURIPIDES² advocacy

Based on the experience from managing the EUREKA CATRENE Cluster (8 Calls, 51 completed projects), AENEAS now operates the EUREKA Clusters  Xecs, PENTA and EURIPIDES². This includes the strategic direction of the programme together with Call promotion, project evaluation and project monitoring. PENTA and EURIPIDES² have launched their last Call in 2021.

Xecs has launched its first Call on 28 September 2021. With a solid experience in call management, the Xecs team will support you throughout the process: helping you to create your project and consortium; look for partners, submit your proposals and ensure your project reaches its ambitious goals.

Xecs, under AENEAS management, is also a strong supporter of the revitalisation of the EUREKA Clusters under the Eureka Clusters Programme. As highlighted during the 2020/2021 Austrian Chairmanship, the Clusters will be renewed to provide the optimal toolbox for member states and global partners to support a new generation of innovative solutions for the pressing issues faced today and in the future. They will form a leading platform to connect industries, SMEs and knowledge institution that is fit for purpose for the future challenges facing our economy and society.

As an AENEAS member along with the advocacy of ECSEL JU and KDT partnerships, your interests will be represented in the EUREKA  intergovernmental network.