AENEAS is supporting its Members to innovate and make their business grow. Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) is indeed the key driver of productivity and hence of prosperity and growth.

Two-thirds of the EU economic growth derives from RD&I, accounting for 15% of all productivity gain in Europe1.

To benefit from this collaborative innovation and create your own RD&I projects, AENEAS:

  • Helps you to find new project ideas presented during the collaborative ECS or Chips JU events organised or co-organised by AENEAS, via posters, pitches or simply through networking cocktails and dinners.
  • Provides you with the opportunity to present your project ideas for free during AENEAS co-organised events.
  • Offers you a free  ECS Collaboration Tool platform to meet new partners along with networking opportunities.
  • Supports you in the creation of your consortia and reinforcement of existing consortia, also offering free meeting space opportunities during the collaborative ECS or Chips JU events.
  • Helps you to apply to any Chips JU, or Xecs Call.
  • Advises you in the selection of suitable funding instruments (Horizon Europe, Chips JU or EUREKA Xecs Programme).
  • Guides you to run Xecs projects, as AENEAS operates Xecs Programme including the Calls, the project evaluation and monitoring.
  • Promotes the outcome and the impact of your PENTA, EURIPIDES² and Xecs project to a wider audience.
1. EC publication: The economic rationale for public R&I funding and its impact, 2017