Facilitated access to funding is an essential catalyst for stimulating collaborative Research & Development activities along the Electronic Components and Systems Value Chain. Many programmes exist for micro and nanoelectronics components and systems and AENEAS both manages and partners with several funding instruments.

AENEAS works with large companies, SMEs, research institutes and academia to help create support programmes tailored to the needs of the consortia that have been developed.

AENEAS is a partner in the Key Digital Technologies (KDT) Programme, a European initiative focussing on large strategic project for ECS, and the successor of the ECSEL programme within Horizon Europe, the research and innovation framework programme of the European Commission running from 2021-2027.

AENEAS also operates Xecs, PENTA and EURIPIDES², three EUREKA Clusters dedicated to electronic components and systems and applications.

Depending on the objectives and structure of the envisaged project, other funding programmes may match the needs of the consortia members. For this reason AENEAS has built links to other Commission, EUREKA and National funding structures through the EUREKA Network, European Commission and National Governments.

AENEAS is ready to work with and support developing consortia, offering access to collaboration tools, providing strategic guidance and other support services.

Funding instruments

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe