Thanks to AENEAS and its partners, collaborative RD&I project consortia include a large number of organisations such as large enterprises, SMEs, research and technology organisations and universities over multiple calls:

+ 1128 total number of beneficiaries in funded KDT JU projects (2021-2022 calls)1

 + 431 organisations have participated in the PENTA calls 1,2,3, in the EURIPIDES² & PENTA synchronised (2019) and joint (2020 and 2021) Calls.

Being part of a collaborative R&D ecosystem is one of the most effective ways of enabling rapid innovation, economic and societal development. AENEAS supports ecosystem creation along with the Electronic Components & Systems (ECS) value chain and helps bring public funding to accelerate sustainable development and reduce risks.

  • Large Enterprises

Research and development underpin the market position and growth of all larger organisations. In an increasingly global and disruptive market, maintaining a lead in technology is essential for competitiveness. Increasingly, new ideas and methods are being generated in academic institutions and smaller organisations that, if rapidly exploited, will form the basis of market leadership. AENEAS provides support for the rapid implementation of any size of projects with partners from all parts of the R&D community. As a large enterprise, you may be the leader of collaborative projects, creating an innovation ecosystem with the potential of rapid commercial exploitation, benefitting all partners.

  • Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs)

The creation of innovation centres of excellence can stimulate disruptive ideas and new research through local support and interrelationships between creative individuals and groups. However, it is also important to give these developments an avenue for subsequent development and, where appropriate, commercial exploitation. Forming innovation ecosystems with SMEs and large Enterprises can rapidly build on RTO expertise to help create the next generation of technology-related products, supported by public funding.

  • Universities and Research Institutions

Universities are the cradle of new ideas. Bringing these ideas into the wider community may be challenging. Being part of the AENEAS innovation ecosystem allows you to find partners that will take your ideas and early research to look for ways to develop them into products and services ready for wider use in the academic and economic sectors. Commercial spin offs are possible, and new State-of-the-Art supports the education of the next generation scientific and engineering community.

  • SMEs

SMEs are the innovation and economic engine for national development. SMEs have the capability to rapidly develop and commercialise new ideas but are generally resource-limited. AENEAS offers you the opportunity to be part of a major Electronic Components and Systems ecosystem, possibly including representatives from large industry, other SMEs, research and technology organisations and universities and to network during collaborative ECS or Chips JU events. Being in close partnership with other organisations in RD&I collaborative projects, will add essential elements to your innovation capability and provide additional routes for commercial exploitation of your ideas. AENEAS also supports you while applying to funding instrument calls that will allow you to receive public funding to help develop your business.

Watch the testimonial of AENEAS Member Alain Jarre, CEO of RECIF, to hear about the benefits of participating in collaborative innovation projects:

  • Increase your international visibility
  • Gain access to all stakeholders and valuable recognition
  • Accelerate your growth
1 KDT JU Annual Report 2023
² Penta website

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