Innovation is a key driver of economic and social prosperity. “It boosts economic growth, creates new and better jobs, enables social mobility, fights climate change and improves the overall quality of life. Raising prosperity levels has always been closely associated with the capacity of the economies to create and diffuse innovations.” 1

Digital technologies are transforming the world at an unprecedented speed. “They have changed how we communicate, live and work. They have changed our societies and our economies.”² Moreover, the coronavirus crisis and subsequent lockdowns have shown that access to digital solutions is essential for people and businesses and that more than ever, R&I are key to tackling today’s challenges. Digitalisation create new opportunities, but also great challenges and call for more cooperation and strong value chains.

Europe’s digital transformation will depend on collaboration between all stakeholders, supported by the effective funding instruments and tools tailored to help deliver rapid, agile innovation to develop key enabling technologies. Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) are at the core of key enabling technologies, providing secure and trusted technologies to strategic value chains. Innovation, along with rapid developments across all ECS-based application areas are creating the foundation for transforming the way we work and live.

As an AENEAS member, AENEAS is supporting you to innovate and make your business grow while helping you to find and apply to the best suited collaborative RD&I programmes and funding.

AENEAS also directly operates an RD&I programme, PENTA, designed to catalyse the formation of international collaborative ecosystems that will transform technology. Though designed to be “pre-competitive”, PENTA projects deliver new State-of-the-Art, integrated into systems and services that can be rapidly exploited by all the partners, both for commercial products and to support societal development. PENTA targets National development through International collaboration, delivering a high return on investment for both project partners and the countries who support them.