The goal of PRIME is to establish an open Ultra Low Power (ULP) Technology Platform, containing all necessary design and architecture blocks and components needed to support supply of products for the “Internet of Things” (IoT). This will enable the European industry to increase and strengthen their competitive eco-system and benefit from market opportunities created by the (IoT) revolution.

Over 3 years, the project will develop and demonstrate the key building blocks of IoT ULP systems, driven by the applications in the medical, agricultural, domestics and security domains. This will include:

  • developing a high performance, energy efficient and cost effective technology platform
  • building a flexible design ecosystem (including IP and design flow)
  • bringing changes in architectural and power management to reduced energy consumption
  • developing security blocks based on PUF (“Physically Unclonable Function”)
  • defining the System of Chip and System in Package memory banks and processing implementations for IoT sensor node systems

Developed 22nm FDSOI low power technologies with logic, analog, RF and embedded new memory components (STT RAM and RRAM), together with innovative design and system architecture solutions, will be used to build macros and demonstrate functionality and power reduction advantage of the new IoT device components.

The PRIME project will realize several demonstrators of IoT system building blocks to show the proposed low power wireless solutions, functionality and performance of delivered design and technology blocks.

The project will enable an increase in Europe’s innovation capability in the area of ULP Technology, design and applications, creation of a competitive European eco-system and help to identify market leadership opportunities in security, mobility, healthcare and smart, cost competitive manufacturing.

ECS Strategic Research Agenda focus areas:

Process, Equipment, Materials and Manufacturing for ECS

Systems and Components: Architecture, Design and Integration

ECSEL Call 2015

Start date: 12/2015

Duration: 40 months

Project coordinator:

Christine van Houtven



Number of partners: 18

Number of countries: 6

Total investment: M€ 12.2

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