ECSEL JU Project MegaM@Rt2

MegaM@Rt will create a framework incorporating methods and tools for continuous development and validation. It will leverage the advantages in scalable model-based methods to provide benefits in significantly improved productivity, quality and predictability of large and complex industrial systems.

  • Significantly increased productivity and quality of system development and shorten time-to-market for complex systems
  • Reinforced European scientific and technological leadership in the design of complex systems
  • Improved competitiveness of European companies by reducing design and maintenance costs as well as the time-to-market

Model-Based Engineering principles and techniques have already shown promising capabilities. However, they have generally failed in terms of: 

  • Scalability to support real world scenarios implied by the full deployment and use of complex electronic components & systems 
  • Efficient traceability, integration and communication between two fundamental system levels: design time and runtime, especially for verification and validation of non-functional properties

MegaM@Rt brings together prominent tool vendors and research organisations with state-of-the-art methods and tools that will be validated in 9 highly relevant European industry case studies. The end users from the maritime, railway, telecom and other industrial domains will drive the project by providing real-world requirements and case studies as well as by validating and endorsing the MegaM@Rt results.

ECS Strategic Research Agenda focus areas:

Systems and Components: Architecture, Design and Integration

ECSEL Call 2017

Start date: 04/2017

Duration: 36 months

Project coordinator:

Gunnar Widforss

Mälardalen University


Number of partners: 27

Number of countries: 6

Total investment: M€ 16.5 

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