High performant Wide Band Gap Power Electronics for Reliable, energy eFficient drivetrains and Optimization thRough Multi-physics simulation

The European and global automotive industry currently faces the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions, since improving air quality and avoiding global warming is high priority on the agendas not only in Europe, but also in the rest of the world. With a share of approximately 23%, the transportation system in Europe contributes significantly to the total greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. By a tremendous increase of affordable and efficient electric and hybrid vehicles, Europe can pave the way for a decarbonized transport system. Nevertheless, this is only one of many important measures that are needed to fight global warming.

HiPERFORM will directly address this topic with the introduction of wide band-gap power electronics in the drivetrain of electric vehicles. The project’s activities will help to secure Europe’s top position in industry and research along the value chain of vehicle, semiconductor, and test system design and manufacturing. With the design and development of efficient power electronics, HiPERFORM will have a positive impact on the next generation of highly efficient electrified vehicle systems, chargers, and test systems. 

HiPERFORM will deal with all areas of GaN power electronics (from base materials to complete subsystems), with a special focus on the enhancement of reliability and applications with lower voltage, like 48V systems. Since a broad community worldwide is undertaking research activities in the area of GaN, investments in research for GaN devices are key to secure innovations and patents. In addition, latest SiC components will be introduced into new architectures, controllers, and applications for advanced inverter systems in high power drivetrains and test systems to reduce the energy losses and reduce the components weight and size of modern EV-drivetrains.

The expected project results will enable the European manufactures of wide bandgap -based electric vehicle components, charging devices, and test systems to deliver excellent technologies for the automotive industry, to develop next generation affordable green vehicles. Affordable electric and hybrid vehicles will pave the way for the envisioned green transportation system. All citizens will directly benefit from longer driving ranges, less energy consumption, and lower prices due to the advanced technologies in next generation electric vehicles. Moreover, the European electronic components industry and system suppliers will tremendously profit from the expected results in this research project. The outcome will also safeguard current jobs as well as build the base for further growth in all sectors.

ECS Strategic Research Agenda focus areas:

Systems and Components: Architecture, Design and Integration

Transport and Smart Mobility

Process, Equipment, Materials and Manufacturing for ECS

ECSEL Call 2017

Start date: 05/2018

Duration: 36 months

Project coordinator:

Christoph Abart

AVL List GmbH


Number of partners: 33

Number of countries: 7

Total investment: M€ 41.2

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