As nano-electronics technology is moving beyond the boundaries of (strained) silicon in planar or finFETs, new 3D device architectures and new materials bring major metrology and characterization challenges which cannot be met by pushing the present techniques to their limits.

3DAM will be a path-finding project which supports and complements several existing and future ECSEL pilot-line projects: it is linked to the MASP area 7.1 (subsection “More Moore”). Innovative demonstrators and methodologies will be built and evaluated within the themes of metrology and characterization of 3D device architectures and new materials, across the full IC manufacturing cycle from Front to Back-End-Of-Line. 3D structural metrology and defect analysis techniques will be, developed and correlated to address challenges around 3D Critical Dimension (CD), strain and crystal defects at the nm scale. 3D compositional analysis and electrical properties will be investigated with special attention to interfaces, alloys and 2D materials.

The project will develop new workflows combining different technologies for more reliable and faster results; fit for use in future semiconductor processes.

The consortium includes major European semiconductor equipment companies in the area of metrology and characterization. The link to future needs of the industry, as well as critical evaluation of concepts and demonstrators, is ensured by the participation of imec and LETI.

The project will directly increase the competitiveness of the strong Europe-based semiconductor Equipment industry. Closely connected European IC manufacturers will benefit by accelerated R&D and process ramp-up. The project will generate technologies essential for future semiconductor processes and for the applications enabled by the new technology nodes.

ECS Strategic Research Agenda focus areas:

Systems and Components: Architecture, Design and Integration

Digital Industry

ECSEL Call 2016

Start date: 04/2016

Duration: 36 months

Project coordinator:

Frank de Jong

FEI Electron Optics B.V.

The Netherlands

Number of partners: 17

Number of countries: 8

Total investment: M€ 6.5

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