Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are all around us, but due to today’s technical limitations and the possibility of human error, we cannot yet tap into their full potential. A more integrated and connected architecture for such systems, via edge and cloud technologies, could overcome these limitations.

The overarching goal of TRANSACT is therefore to develop a universal, distributed solution architecture for the transformation of safety-critical cyber-physical systems, from localised stand-alone systems into safe and secure distributed solutions. 

To that end, TRANSACT will research distributed reference architectures for safety-critical CPS that rely on edge and cloud computing. These architectures will enable seamless mixing of on-device, edge and cloud services while assuring flexible yet safe and secure deployment of new applications, and independent releasing of edge and cloud-based components versus the on device parts. The distributed solutions will simplify CPS devices, reducing their software footprint, and consequently their Bill-of-Material (BoM) and Life Cycle Management (LCM) costs. A key element in the transformation of safety-critical CPS into distributed safety-critical CPS solutions (on-device, edge or cloud based) is that performance, safety, security, and privacy of data are guaranteed: the safeguarding of these properties gets due attention in the project. 

Finally, by integrating AI based services into distributed CPS, TRANSACT will enable fast development of innovative value-based propositions and business models leading to faster market introduction in the various multi-billion euro markets targeted by the TRANSACT project.

ECSEL Call 2020

Start date: 06/2021

Number of partners: 30

Number of countries: 9

Total investment: M€ 26.5

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