Watch Part 1 from the SME testimonial series of interviews – Simona Laza from Excillum AB

25 Oct 2022

The interview with Simona Laza, Research Project Manager at Excillum AB, is the first of a series of SME testimonials aiming at highlighting the importance of collaborative innovation, be it in the KDT JU or in the Penta and Euripides2 Clusters.

In this video, Simona Laza shares the Excillum AB experience of participating in the MADEin4 ECSEL JU (now KDT JU) and FA4.0 PENTA-Euripides2 projects.  Simona Laza highlights the importance of relationship building within the consortia and gives advice on how to get the funding for the RD&I project. Among the possibilities offered when joining AENEAS as a member, she stresses on the opportunity to participate in co-organised networking events, thanks to which Excillum AB joined the ECSEL and PENTA-Euripides2 projects consortia.

“A big benefit is that customers learn about us… but they learn about us as a company, as our culture, and about us as a person”, – mentions Simona Laza when speaking about what Excillum AB gains from participating in the collaborative projects.

Watch the full video interview here:

About Excillum AB

Founded in 2007 by researchers from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden, Excillum AB is a leading SME in the field of micro- and nano-focus X-ray sources. The company designs, develops and manufactures the world’s brightness microfocus X-ray sources based on MetalJet technology, and smallest nanofocus X-ray sources based on advanced e-beam technology.

More about Excillum AB here.

Excillum AB is a part of the AENEAS SME Directory.

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