AENEAS, an industry association established in 2006 and based in Paris, aims at promoting RD&I to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry across the complete Electronics Components and Systems (ECS) value chain and more specifically in the field of micro and nanoelectronics enabled components and systems. At the end of 2023, AENEAS counts more than 550 members.

AENEAS mission translates into actions aimed at supporting its members, shaping funding programmes adapted to their needs and stimulating the creation of research partnerships.

In this respect, AENEAS is part of the European Chips Act implementation, representing industry in the new Chips Joint Undertaking, built as an enlargement of the EU partnership on Key Digital Technologies (KDT) under the Horizon Europe framework programme of the European Commission. It is also instrumental in the Eureka Clusters Programme (“ECP”), operating PENTA, EURIPIDES, and Xecs Clusters in the field of Electronic Components and Systems. AENEAS takes an active role in shaping those programmes and managing them.


We are looking for the following roles based in Paris: