Electronic Components and Systems

Our lives are increasingly dominated by electronics – at home, in the office and on the move. Microelectronics and now even smaller nanoelectronics devices enable a huge choice of products and services – from safer, more environmentally friendly cars, to high performance fixed and mobile phone systems and sophisticated multimedia equipment, to ever more powerful computers and personal health support units.


Since the 1950s, electronics has driven scientific and technical progress worldwide. With annual growth rates of some 15% over the past three decades, the electronics components and systems (ECS) industry has become a key driver and strategic enabler for the global economy.


It is essential therefore that Europe invests in this key sector to ensure that innovative technology and expertise is available to:

  • Meet the demands of citizens for innovative, user-friendly products in all areas of their daily lives – from multimedia equipment in the home and safer cars to healthier controlled environments and personalised medical care;
  • Retain and improve European industrial competitiveness directly in the electronics sector and in the increasing number of other sectors from car manufacture to aeronautics that exploit its products; and
  • Maintain and increase high quality employment directly in our European electronics companies and indirectly in all these other industries that depend increasingly on electronics devices.