11 Jul 2024

Join the Chips JU Call for Design Platform Info Session on July 11, 11:00-12:00 CEST. This session will provide valuable insights into the call, addressing the objectives of the Chips JU under the Chips for Europe Initiative.

What’s In It For You:

: – :: Welcome and Introduction
: – :: Design Platform Calls Description (CDP-CfEoI and CDP-CSA)
: – :: How to Submit Proposals
: – :: Q&A

More information and registration here.

More about this Call

The Chips Joint Undertaking is organizing a Call for Design Platform (CDP) as part of the European Commission Chips Act. This call aims to select the coordinating hosting entity for the Design Platform, with an estimated EU expenditure of up to EUR 25 million.

: Call for Expression of Interest for the selection of a Hosting Consortium (CDP-CfEoI).

: Call for Proposals for coordination of the Design Platform funded under the Digital Europe Programme (DEP) – Coordination and Support Action (CDP-CSA).

Learn more on the Chips JU Website: https://www.chips-ju.europa.eu/callsinfo/

European Chips Act Initiative: https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/factpages/european-chips-act-chips-europe-initiative