ICOS Workshop at the ESSERC Conference

09 Sep 2024

 The next International Cooperation On Semiconductors (ICOS) Project Workshop “Emerging technologies in Advanced Computation, Advanced Functionalities, Ground-breaking Technologies: Impact on International Cooperation” will take place in Bruges, Belgium, on 9 September 2024 (9:30-13:00), during the ESSERC Conference. This event is jointly organised by the INPACE project and the SiNANO Institute.

What’s in it for you

ICOS Presentations
  • Beyond Von Neumann computing architectures and Heterogeneous integration by Olivier Faynot  CEA-Leti
  • New nanodevices architectures by Nadine Collaert  imec
  • Smart sensors for IoT by Alan O’Riordan  Tyndall National Institute
  • Energy harvesting for autonomous systems by Gustavo Ardila  Grenoble INP – UGA
  • Innovative materials for power devices by Markus Pfeffer  Fraunhofer IISB
  • Scaling semiconductor photonics – The trends and the challenges by Wim Bogaerts  Ghent University

International invited speakers:

  • Emerging semiconductors meet new applications: security, multi-valued computing, and hazard monitoring by Hocheon Yoo  Gachon University from SouthKorea
  • Emerging Material Integration for Advanced Functionality of Semiconductor Devices and Systems by Hiroyuki AKINAGA National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) from Japan

Presentation of Horizon Europe ICOS-International Cooperation On Semiconductors, and INPACE-Indo-Pacific-European Hub for Digital Partnerships by Francis Balestra  Grenoble INP – UGA/ SINANO Institute.

Abstracts & Bios: https://icos-semiconductors.eu/icos-inpace-sinano-esserc-workshop-bruges/

Registration: https://www.esserc2024.org/registrations2024