Summer School 2024 “Fascinating Electronics for a Cool World” – Application Process is Completed

07 Jun 2024

After a very successful 2023 edition, AENEAS, EPoSS, INSIDE and The European Chips Skills Academy (ECSA) project have joined forces to launch the second edition of the ECS Summer School “Fascination Electronics for a Cool World” in Bertinoro, Italy, on 18 to 23 August.  This event aims at inspiring and attracting new talents in the European Electronics Components and Systems community.

This is an opportunity for selected students to dive into 5 days of lectures, demonstrations and interactive activities.  The program will introduce some of the possibilities offered by present microelectronics devices and foreseen future applications, showing the many facets of the fascinating world of microelectronics.

The program will cover four main topics:

  • Semiconductor technology
  • Integrated Circuits design
  • Digital systems and Embedded Intelligence
  • Integration

Talks will be delivered by representatives from leading universities, research institutes and companies. Career testimonies by young engineers will complete the week.

Check the event website for the agenda and the practicalities here.

  • The five-day Summer School is entirely free for the selected students including lodging and food. Travel costs to the location of the summer school will be reimbursed based on receipts up to a total amount of 600 Euros per student.
  • It is dedicated to students who have been enrolled for at least two years of undergraduate studies and have at least one more year to go.
  • Students from all fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in a university based in the EU or associated country are eligible to apply.
  • Good knowledge of English is mandatory since all interactions will be held in that language.

Stdents applications are now submitted. Selected students will be informed in mid-June.

Selection will be based on the motivation letter, one to three optional recommendation letters, and grade transcripts. It will take into account gender and geographical balance and will ensure diversity of the student backgrounds.

Launched in October 2023, ECSA (European Chips Skills Academy) endeavours to better understand the challenges – current and future – linked with the shortage of skilled talent across the semiconductor sector. With this knowledge, the Academy works to establish a range of programs aimed at upskilling our existing workforce, attracting new talent to the industry, and supporting the reskilling of those in adjacent sectors. The 18 partners who make up the ECSA consortium encompass a wide range of representatives from industry, academia, member associations and regulatory bodies.

More here.

Facing the problem of the lack of necessary skills, which is now signalled by more than three-quarters of EU companies1, the European Commission is encouraging strong engagement of young people, therefore providing an opportunity to get quality jobs and contribute to Europe’s digital transition and sustainable growth. Answering this need to step up and advance skills development in the Electronic Components and Systems sector, AENEAS, EPoSS, INSIDE industry associations and the ECSA consortium want to introduce to selected students some of the possibilities offered by present microelectronic devices and foreseen future applications, showing the fascinating world of microelectronics in various fields such as sensor interfaces, power devices, radio-frequencies and digital.

More about the Summer School and detailed programme here.

Check out the Summer School 2023 video here.