Have a word in exploring the gender balance and industrial competitiveness within the EU manufacturing sector

29 May 2024

Stakeholders within the European manufacturing sector are invited to participate in a pivotal survey organised by the Basque Business Development Agency – SPRI. This study aims to delve into the correlation between gender balance and industrial competitiveness, enhancing our understanding of women’s participation and its impact on business success.

Your insights are crucial in shaping a comprehensive perspective on the dynamics of gender balance within the industry. This will not only inform future policies but also highlight areas needing attention to foster an equitable and competitive manufacturing environment across Europe.

Respond here by Friday, June 28th.

Upon concluding the survey, you will have the option to express interest in receiving the results of the study. We highly encourage you to opt in and gain valuable insights into the findings and their implications for the industry.

This study is supported by the Smart Eureka Cluster. For any inquiries, or if you encounter issues during the survey, please contact info@smarteureka.com.