Bauhaus of Transitions: Watch Interview with Patrick Cogez, AENEAS Technical Director

02 Apr 2024

Hear from Patrick Cogez, Technical Director at AENEAS, about why the Bauhaus of Transitions is essential today in this video. This interview was taken during the inauguration of the Bauhaus of Transitions, which took place on March 13, 2024, at Mines School in Paris.

The Bauhaus of Transitions project – Management of the Unknown and Conceptive Management Sciences of Mines Paris-PSL aims to develop one of these 21st-century Bauhauses for managers, leaders, scientists, and public officials who are inventing today a more conceptive management approach in response to contemporary challenges and risks. This Bauhaus of Transitions seeks to be the laboratory for a school of management of the unknown that several socio-economic actors are calling for.

The Bauhaus of Transitions is supported by organisations wishing to participate in the development of a new culture of management in the unknown – large companies, SMEs and startups, public and associative actors, among which AENEAS. It relies on a global network of reference teams (universities, businesses, public authorities). It is led by researchers from the CGS (Centre de Gestion Scientifique) – Research Center of Mines Paris – PSL, Mines Paris University and builds on the experience and scientific advancements achieved by the chairs of Theory and Methods of Innovative Design and Chair of Corporate Theory (Governance Models and Collective Creation).


More about the Bauhaus, a pioneering design school, to manage the green transition here.

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