Participate in the ECSA survey “Skills needs in the EU semiconductor industry in 2024”!

22 Mar 2024

To reach the Chips Act’s goal of doubling Europe’s global market share in semiconductors to 20%, the sector needs to overcome severe skills shortages and to adapt to future needs in terms of skills and competencies. As a partner of the European Chips Skills Academy (ECSA) consortium, AENEAS invites ECS community experts to take part in a survey to monitor the skills needs evolution in the microelectronics industry in 2024.

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The European Chips Skills Academy (ECSA), backed by both the European Union and managed by SEMI Europe, stands as a beacon of EU excellence in microelectronics. It integrates 18 partners across 12 countries, encompassing a wide range of stakeholders from industry representatives, national and EU industry associations, to formal education entities and accreditation and certification regulators.

Addressing the pressing need for enhanced competitiveness, the EU microelectronics industry is confronted with the challenge of significant skills shortages and the necessity to evolve in alignment with future skills and competencies requirements.

To this end, the goals of the European Chips Skills Academy include:

  • Conducting an analysis of critical trends impacting the sector, offering strategic insights, and foresight to refresh the EU Microelectronics Skills Strategy.
  • Creating a pioneering decentralized academy for microelectronics that bridges the gap between industry, research, higher education, and vocational education and training sectors, which have traditionally operated in silos.
  • Developing innovative training programs and curriculums to meet the immediate and future skill demands of the industry.
  • Putting into practice the EU Pact for Skills to make a tangible impact.

The foundation of the European Chips Skills Academy is built upon the achievements of the METIS project, which has been actively engaged in a comprehensive examination of the skill requirements within the European microelectronics industry since 2020.

More about ECSA here.