ECS Brokerage 2024: presentation slides and selection of photos are now available!

23 Feb 2024

The ECS Brokerage Event 2024, held in Brussels on February 20-21, gathering more than 500 participants, marked a significant milestone for the Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) community. Jointly organised by AENEAS, EPoSS, and INSIDE, this event served as a unique networking opportunity dedicated to fostering project proposals for the Chips JU Calls 2024 for the non-initiative part (ex KDT).

The event kicked off with a welcome word by Lucilla Sioli, Director for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry at the European Commission, followed by the session dedicated to the Chips JU calls 2024, presented by Jari Kinaret, Executive Director of Chips JU, alongside Anton Chichkov, Programme Officer at Chips JU

Patrick Cogez, Technical Director at AENEAS, presented the ECS-SRIA 2024 through an interactive website presentation, emphasizing the strategic research and innovation agenda. The ECS SRIA is a basis for prospective applicants to prepare their proposals for the Chips JU calls 2024.

The role of industry associations for the ECS domain at large and as partners of the Chips JU, in particular, was highlighted by Caroline Bedran, Director General of AENEAS, Elisabeth Steimetz, Office Director of EPoSS, and Paolo Azzoni, Secretary General of INSIDE, showcasing the collective effort to drive the sector forward.

During the dedicated SME Pitches session, SME representatives took the stage to present their unique capabilities, insights from their research, development, and innovation (RD&I) journeys, and their aspirations for future collaborations.

The brokerage part was a pivotal moment where participants shared their project ideas for the Chips JU 2024 calls during the dedicated project idea pitch session. 

The day continued with project idea presentations and face-to-face consortia-building meetings, offering tangible opportunities for collaboration and partnership formation.

Day Two focused on the continuation of consortium building and detailed information on the Chips JU Calls 2024 initiative. The event concluded with extended consortia-building meetings, cementing the foundations for future projects and collaborations.

For those who attended and those who couldn’t make it, we’re excited to announce that the slides from the presentations and a selection of event photos are now available on the event website. Additionally, project idea presentations can be found in the ECS Collaboration Tool, serving as a lasting resource for collaboration, project partners search and consortia building.

Visit the Event Website to explore the presentations, photos, and more.