Participate in ICOS Survey to Shape EU International Cooperation on Semiconductors!

22 Feb 2024

As a partner of ICOS (International Cooperation on Semiconductors) project, AENEAS invites representatives from the ECS industry, research, academia, and EU Member States to participate in the pivotal survey initiative, commissioned by the European Commission and carried out by ICOS project.

This survey is crafted to gather perspectives on interests, pinpoint needs, and tackle concerns among the EU’s strategic partners, including the USA, India, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Canada.

Given the EU’s ongoing negotiations and dialogues with these nations, your feedback is especially critical to enhancing the synergy and efficacy of these partnerships.

Engage with us by participating in the survey here:

Ensure your voice is heard by filling out the survey before March 29th. Prompt participation is essential for gathering a broad and impactful array of feedback.

We’re grateful for your time and contributions towards this vital initiative. Let’s collaboratively forge the path for the future of EU’s international semiconductor cooperation!

More about the ICOS (International Cooperation on Semiconductors) project here.