Participate in the Chips JU Calls 2024 (non initiative)!

06 Feb 2024

On February 6th 2024, the Chips Joint Undertaking (Chips JU) launched three calls for proposals for the non-initiative part of the programme.

Chips JU logoA first call for Innovation Actions consist of a global topic and 2 focus topics and run in 2 phases. A second call for Research and Innovation Actions consists of a global topic and 1 focus topic, and run in 2 phases. A third call will include one topic for Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) that will be implemented as one phase call without national contribution but in cooperation with South Korea (ROK).

The maximum EU expenditure for the Chips JU non-initiative calls 2024 is 216 Million euros (to be complemented with national funding from the Participating States.

Chips JU calls 2024 Timeline

  • The Calls HORIZON-Chips-2024-1-IA and HORIZON-Chips 2024-2-RIA will be two-stage calls with the Project Outline (PO) phase deadline on 14 May 2024 (17:00:00 Brussels time) and Full Project Proposal (FPP) phase deadline on 17 September 2024 (17:00:00 Brussels time).
  • The Call HORIZON-Chips-2024-3-RIA will be single-stage call with submission of Full Project Proposal (FPP) deadline on 14May 2024 (17:00:00 Brussels time ).

The ECS SRIA 2024 is a basis for you to prepare your project proposals for these calls. For the focus topics, please also refer to the description of each focus topic under the Chips JU Work Programme, available here.

More information about these calls, submission, and useful links are available here.