The Final Version of the ECS SRIA 2024 is now online!

05 Feb 2024

The three Industry Associations AENEAS, EPoSS and INSIDE released the final version of the seventh edition of the Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (ECS-SRIA) shaped by more than 300 experts of the ECS community and coordinated by the three Industry Associations.

This ECS SRIA 2024 is a basis for you to prepare your project proposals for the Chips Joint Undertaking 2024 calls (non-initiative), as well as future Xecs Call 4 project proposals.

What’s New in the 2024 Edition

This edition reflects on the most recent technological and strategic trends of the ECS industry and supports the European Chips Act that entered into force on 21 September 2023. In particular, it builds on the ECS SRIA 2023 amendment, which, for the first time, links the SRIA research focus areas to the Design Platform and Pilot Lines to be implemented by the Chips JU.

It addresses AI evolution and AI adoption in ECS and their life cycle. While already present in earlier editions, quantum technologies, a new focus of the European Chips Act, are getting additional attention in this edition. Finally, this edition develops a tighter integration with the research topics identified by the Open-Source Hardware and Software Working Group report, which proposed a roadmap to enable Europe to become a global player in this field and ensure strategic authonomy.



The ECS SRIA describes the major challenges, and the necessary R&D&I efforts to tackle them, in micro-and nanoelectronics for smart systems integration all the way up to embedded and cyber physical systems, and System of Systems. This SRIA is intended to be funding programme agnostic and can be used as a basis for the various cooperative programmes across Europe. 

The 2024 edition reflects the most recent technological and strategic trends of our industry and provide support for the European Chips Act, which came into force in September 2023.

Discover more about the ECS SRIA here and on the ECS SRIA website.