Workshop “Charting the priorities for the digital future of Health & Wellbeing”

30 Nov 2023

The workshop “Charting the priorities for the digital future of Health & Wellbeing”, will take place on Thursday 30 November, 11:00 – 13:00 at Event Lounge, Brussels, prior to the “Chips for Europe” Chips JU Launch Event.

This workshop will focus on the topics related to Digital Health and Wellbeing and on how they can be more strongly anchored in the Chips JU work programme.

The main goal of the workshop is to engage the community in setting priorities in the field of digital health to promptly address the issues and challenges that R&D can either address or require adjustments for.

The agenda includes keynotes from healthcare professionals (hospitals and primary care), a keynote on LiveSpace, followed by the pitch session.

Speakers, already registered for the Chips JU launch event, will be able to access the workshop upon their accreditation. For the invited workshop speakers, a badge will be provided at the entrance with an access limited to the workshop.