Chips-Quantum Virtual Matchmaking Workshop- European R&I collaboration opportunities

12 Oct 2023

The Chips-Quantum Virtual Matchmaking Workshop will be held on 12 October 10:00-11:30 CEST online.

This workshop organised by AENEAS and QuiC associations, aims at fostering the European R&I collaboration opportunities in the field of Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) and Quantum. It is a stepping-stone to developing EU-funded projects  It is dedicated to AENEAS and QuiC members only.





It’s a unique opportunity for you!

  • Hear from AENEAS and QuIC associations and learn more about the next coming Chips JU and Qu-Test & Qu-Pilot funding instruments
  • Present to fellow ECS and Quantum experts, in a 2-minute pitch, your organisation’s expertise, its next developments, and the collaboration opportunities needed to accelerate these developments. This is the right place to connect with new partners from the ECS and Quantum ecosystems.

If you have R&I activities in the EU do not hesitate to apply for a pitch slot.

Participate and apply for a pitch slot

To apply for a pitch slot (slots available are limited), please:

  • Register for the event here .
  • Download the pitch template here.
  • Send your pitch application and your slides by 02 October to
  • An answer will be sent to you within 48 hours.

The registration is open

Please register here.