Addressing the need for trustable electronics – watch the interview from TRUST-E Project Leader

20 Jul 2023

 Trust-E Project InterviewWith the emergence of autonomous vehicles and smart mobility, the electronic components and systems in these vehicles and machines must be trustworthy. The TRUST-E PENTA-EURIPIDES² project is addressing this need through the development of methodologies and processes for trustable electronic components, modules, and systems that can be used in automotive and aviation applications, and in industrial settings. It will prove their effectiveness by means of three ‘Digital Eye’ demonstrators, covering each of the three application areas.

Watch this video testimonial from the Project Leader Kai Krieger, Siemens AG, to discover the challenges and expected impact of this project, and hear why collaboration is so crucial to creating an impactful RD&I project.

In this interview Kai Krieger also highlights that along with the funding,  PENTA and EURIPIDES² clusters provide the benefits of a perfect networking environment, support along the whole lifetime of a project and fruitful exchange with other participants with a perspective of creating new projects.

More about the TRUST-E project here.

PENTA and EURIPIDES² are two EUREKA Network Clusters, operated by AENEAS.

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