Discover the latest progress and achievements made by the KDT JU: the KDT JU 2022 Annual Activity Report is now available.

06 Jul 2023

KDT JU Annual ReportThe Key Digital Technologies Joint Undertaking has released its Annual Activity Report 2022. This detailed document showcases the progress and achievements made by the KDT JU throughout the last year.

This report highlights the KDT JU objectives, research and innovation activities, communication and dissamination activities, information on submitted projects, 2021 &nd 2022 Calls results etc. – from cutting-edge research and development, through impactful collaborations to important annual events.

This is the second (after 2021) release of the KDT JU Annual Activity Report.

More information here.

Read the full KDT JU Annual Activity Report 2022.

The role of AENEAS in the KDT JU

The three Industry Associations AENEAS, Inside and EPoSS, that are partnering in the KDT JU with the European Commission and the Participating States, represent RD&I actors, such as large companies, SMEs, RTOs and universities. Their members participate in the KDT programme through collaborative projects.

The three Industry Associations, each have a seat with voting rights in the JU Governing Board, allowing them to represent the interests of their members and get the best conditions for their RD&I activities, be it in terms of topics covered by the Calls for proposals or the funding conditions of the associated grants.

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