Watch a new SME testimonial video from AENEAS member – Alain Jarre, RECIF Technologies

04 Jul 2023

The interview with  Alain Jarre, Chairman & CEO at RECIF Technologies,  is the 7th video of a series of testimonials from AENEAS SME members. These interviews aim at highlighting the importance of collaborative innovation, be it in the KDT JU or in the Penta Cluster.

In his interview, Alain Jarre explains why it is important for an SME to participate in the nerworking events and based on RECIF Technologies example highlights how pitching own expertice and having a booth at such events is beneficial for an SME, providing way new connections and  opportunities.

Being involved in few collaborative RD&I projects, he encourages newcomers to participate in such projects consortia. “For any SME that is a newcomer, the first thing is please come, and join.  Let’s discover what means “collaborative work” and don’t be shy. There is nothing to lose”, – says Alain Jarre.

Get to know more in the full video interview.

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About RECIF Technologies

RECIF Technologies designs, manufactures, distributes and maintains robotic handling equipment for highly sensitive environments dedicated to the semiconductor industry. Oriented and pro-active, RECIF Technologies is close to the customer’s expectations as well as responsive on both sales and service standpoint.

RECIF has an extended experience in collaborative partnerships. The company is acknowledged as a trustful and reliable partner, based on the numerous collaborative programs the company participated in. RECIF has been involved in collaborative programs for several technology nodes. ENIAC & ECSEL: E450LMDAP, Senate, Takemi5, TapeS3, PIn3S; Project leader in CATRENE programme: NGC450 & TSV-HANDY.

More about RECIF Technologies here.