Chips Act workshop on pilot lines- Get an overview of the various pilot lines that have been proposed, and map the overall pilot line landscape (presentation slides now available).

29 Jun 2023

The Chips Act Workshop on pilot lines took place on 4 July to discuss potential topics for pilot lines beyond and complementary to the three already identified pilot lines. This event was organised by the European Commission and the KDT JU


Following the political agreement on the European Chips Act of 18 April 2023, preparations are currently ongoing for the implementation of the Chips for Europe Initiative as foreseen in Pillar 1 of the regulation. The initiative includes a number of pilot lines for the purpose of process development, test and experimentation, as well as small-scale production. These will serve as a platform for European research and development with an industrial perspective that bridge the crucial gap from lab to fab.

Three pilot line areas of strategic importance for Europe have already been identified:

  • Sub-2nm GAA process technology development
  • FD-SOI technology at 10nm and below
  • Heterogeneous integration

Workshop on pilot lines

The workshop on 4 July 2023 discussed potential topics for pilot lines beyond and complementary to the three areas mentioned above.

In the agenda, the following topics were covered by country presentations of 5 min each followed by 30 min discussion:

  • Photonics
  • Power electronics & 6G
  • Heterogenous Integration, MeMS, Sensors, Other

Missed this Workshop or want to remind some highlights? Presentation is now available here.