Are you wondering how participation in the Xecs Matchmaking Event can be beneficial for you? Watch the new SME interview to find out the answers!

27 Jun 2023

Are you an SME, willing to participate in the Xecs collaborative RD&I project consortium? The Xecs Eureka Cluster invites you to participate in the Xecs Matchmaking Event in Paris to be the first to prepare your participation in the upcoming Call 3. Wath this interview from Simona Laza, Excillum AB, AENEAS SME member and hear her experience-based insights on why the SMEs should participatie in this networking event .

In this video Simona Laza highlights that such event provides you with a possibility to have direct access and network with potential project partners from different countries and throughout the value chain.

Based on her own experiense, Simona Laza explains why an SMEs should apply for a project idea and/or SME expertise pitch, as well as for a poster. “You have the occasion to explain about your technology and especially don’t forget to tell where and how it can make an impact. […] It gives you the possibility to go deeper into the discussion with your audience and to receive feedback, and also to receive contacts of the interested people directly on the site who would like to have you in their consortia or who would like to work with you in your consortia if you are proposing a project idea” – she says.

Watch the full video here.

About the Xecs Matchmaking Event – Xecs Call 3

The Xecs Matchmaking Event will take place  25 September 2023,  10:00 – 17:00 CEST in Paris, Bpifrance. The Xecs Call 3 will be launched during this one-day occasion. By joining this event, the participants will get to know more about Xecs and Call 3, hear about the funding opportunities and the eligibility criteria from Public Authorities. Don’t miss a possibility to present your project idea, listen to pitches, showcase your SME expertise, network and build/reinforce your Xecs project consortia.

More information, agenda and registration here.

Xecs is an EUREKA Network Cluster, operated by AENEAS.