Allpros webinar- Strategic Open Innovation in the Chip Ecosystem

20 Jun 2023

The ALLPROS webinar on the Strategic Open Innovation in the Chip Ecosystem will take place on 20 June 14:00-16:00 CEST. 

The webinar aims to bring together various stakeholders from industry, academia, and policy makers to address the topic of open innovation in the European Union chip ecosystem.

With the increasing demand for custom silicon and the need for digital sovereignty, open source silicon has emerged as a potential factor in fostering innovation and bridging the skills gap in this domain. The topics tackled at the event will include:

  • How open source silicon is defined and how it relates to the highly proprietary and capital intensive ecosystem, as well as the control open solutions bring together with some constraints
  • What is the potential of open source silicon in bridging the skills gap in the European chip ecosystem?
  • What are the possibilities for collaboration and the needs for investments?
  • Is open innovation in the chip industry a viable contender to increase Europe’s stake in the global chip market?

A gradual openness of relevant production steps in the value chain can be a catalyst for innovation in the ecosystem and also be instrumental in bridging the skills gap, but is it a reality in the short term perspective? While open source software is a well-recognised way or organising, creating, and capturing value in the software domain, open source silicon’s uptake has been much less publicised and used.

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