Xecs Call 3 webinar- How to use the ECS Collaboration Tool

07 Sep 2023
Webinar on ECS Collaboration ToolFor those, planning to participate and use the provided opportunities of the Xecs Matchmaking event –  Xecs Call 3, a 1-hour  ‘How to Use the ECS Collaboration Tool’ Webinar is organised on 7 September 2023, 11:00 – 12:00 CEST.
Webinar attendees will get to know how to create a project idea, apply for a pitch and/or poster for the coming Xecs Matchmaking Event, as well as how to look for potential project partners.
More about this webinar and registration here.
In the ECS Collaboration Tool you can:
  • Create a project idea
  • Apply for pitch and/or poster
  • Look for a partner
  • Look for other project ideas
  • Exchange in the message board
For the Xecs Matchmaking Event project idea pitches and/or posters application deadline is set on 14 September 2023. Please note that the number of pitch slots is limited, selected candidates will be contacted by the Xecs team.
To upload your project ideas and presentations, registration in the ECS Collaboration Tool is required.