Watch Part 6 from the SME testimonial series of interviews – Stéfan Landis from UnitySC

23 May 2023

Stefan Landis Interview AENEAS SME testimonialsThe interview with Stéfan Landis, Strategic Alliances Technical Director at UnitySC,  is the continuation of a series of testimonials from AENEAS SME members. These interviews aim at highlighting the importance of collaborative innovation, be it in the KDT JU or in the Penta Cluster.

Having been a part of three ECSEL (now KDT) JU projects, Stéfan Landis shares his successful experience and gives advice to the newcomers.

“When you take part in a big European project, the first thing you have to take into consideration is that it will drastically increase your visibility across Europe”, – states Stéfan Landis while speaking about the benefits of being a part of European collaborative innovation.

Along with the opportunities provided by an access to the Large Enterprises, he also mentions the advantages of cooperating with research and technology partners within consortia, risk sharing and possibility to develop tecnologies according to the SMEs roadmap.

In this interview Stéfan Landis also explains how being AENEAS member helped his SME to get access to new potential partners and clients,  as well as to understand better a European process to submit and build a consortium and get funding for a project.

Get to know more in the full video interview:

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About UnitySC

UnitySC is an equipment supplier, leader in advanced process control, and delivers metrology and inspection solutions that support semiconductor industry’s developments from substrate manufacturing to advanced packaging.

UnitySC has been involved in OCEAN12, MadeIn4, IT2 ECSEL (KDT) JU projects.

More information about UnitySC here.