Watch the PENTA – EURIPIDES² Project MANTIS Vision video – interview of Project Partners

27 Apr 2023

MANTIS Vision Penta-Euripides2 ProjectAn SME-led PENTA – EURIPIDES²  MANTIS Vision project aims to offer a solution to improve image capture systems for high-end security and broadcast while lowering cost and opening the path for new functionalities and ease of use. At the core of the project is the development of a multi-modal, multi micro camera system connected to an AI-capable edge processing box and a new micro camera architecture that supports single- and dual-modal capture and the combination of visual imaging.

Within the project, 5 demonstrators will be presented.

Watch this video testimonial from Marcel Dijkema, Project Leader, Adimec, and Dirk Meier, Project Partner, IDEAS, to get to know more about this project and how SMEs benefit from being a part of collaborative project consortium!

Also discover more in the MANTIS Vision Project Profile here.

PENTA and EURIPIDES² are two EUREKA Network Clusters, operated by AENEAS.

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