Watch the PENTA Project pAvIs video – Testimonial of the Project Leader

18 Apr 2023

pAvis Project InterviewThe pAvIs PENTA project is developing innovative electronics and intelligent sensor systems for professional healthcare diagnostic and therapy applications such as scans and vital signs monitoring. It aims to deliver a paradigm shift from today’s ‘one-size fits all’ to sensor-based systems with real-time adaptability to individual patients and the operating environment.

The project partners are developing a new architecture for intelligent sensor systems, including a sensor module with an embedded mixed-signal processing chain at its core. This chain will consist of new, adjustable components whose settings can be determined either by the sensor signal itself or via integrated auxiliary detectors. The architecture will also feature dedicated neuromorphic processors and / or AI hardware accelerators and embedded AI algorithms. These will support resource- and power-efficient execution in real-time with a novel, distributed, power management approach that can handle large fluctuations in power demand, while maintaining state-of-the-art performance in terms of computational efficiency and noise.

Watch this interview with pAvIs PENTA project leader Mark van Helvoort, Philips, sharing the technological challenges and solutions provided by the project, as well as explaining the benefits of being a part of collaborative project consortium, and opportunities offered by PENTA programme.

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PENTA is an EUREKA Network Cluster operated by AENEAS.