edaWorkshop23 and Day of Trusted Elelctronics

08 - 10 May 2023

edaworkshop23The 2023 edition of edaWorkshop, organised by edacentrum will take place on May 8-9 in Hannover, Germany.

In addition to this workshop the two-days German Event “Day of Trusted Elelctronics” will take place at the same venue on 9-10 May.

With a mix of representatives from industry and academic research, the two events create ideal opportunities for a professional exchange of ideas and results.

Registration and more information available here.


edaWorkshop23 includes the keynotes from Onur Mutlu from ETH Zurich and Sani Nassif from the US company Radyalis, who will speak on the topics “Memory-Centric Computing” and “How Dependable is our Electronic Infrastructure”.

Another important part of the event is the 2.5-hour poster session with the latest results of various R&D projects and the new ideas of various EDA professors. The lecture program, which begins on May 8 at 1:00 p.m., will address the following current topics in technical sessions:

• Novel Memory Devices (with contributions from Bosch and Infineon, among others),
• chiplets,
• GENIAL!: An innovative microelectronics roadmap for automotive,
• With Scale4Edge to a scalable infrastructure for edge computing,
• Trusted electronics.

With the last two sessions of the edaWorkshop23, the “Day of Trustworthy Electronics” organised by the Velektronik project will begin on 9 May at 15:00 (overlapping with the edaWorkshop), which will continue on May 10 until 17:00.

About edaWorkshop

The edaWorkshop is the central German event on electronics, design and applications (EDA). It offers best conditions for publication and discussion of application-oriented EDA research results. The balanced presence of science and application creates ideal opportunities for professional exchange with scientific claim, combined with industrial benefit. Particularly noteworthy is the strong presence of leading industrial companies, which enables a wide range of collaborations to translate research results into economic benefits.

At the same time, the edaWorkshop is also the central event for the exchange of results for all BMBF-funded projects in the field of electronics, design and applications. It serves the communication between experts and the funding body and supports the transfer of results in publicly funded research and development projects.

Since its foundation in 2007, the edaWorkshop has attracted more than 100 participants every year.

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