Watch Part 5 from the SME testimonials series of interviews – Tobias Koch from consider it

15 Dec 2022

The interview with Tobias Koch, the Head of Public Funding of consider it, is the last of a series of testimonials from AENEAS SME members. These interviews aim at highlighting the importance of collaborative innovation, be it in the KDT JU or PENTA-EURIPIDES2   Eureka Clusters.

Tobias Koch highlights that participating in collaborative projects provides SMEs with numerous benefits such as the possibility to test their components in various supply chains, and to get additional funding, allowing them to perform even more RD&I activities.

“We can leverage our R&D investments to do even riskier innovations which lead to even higher impact in the end”, – explains Tobias Koch when speaking about the importance of collaboration in creating the impact.

Tobias Koch also mentions that he appreciates the feedback provided by the AENEAS technical evaluation group, and finds the mentor support very useful. He also highlights that being part of the AENEAS SME Directory and participating in networking events (both online and offline), helps them as SME to gain visibility, meet the right people and join the consortium.

Watch the full video interview here

About consider it

Since 2010 consider it has been helping companies of all sizes to react to market changes through new technologies and innovations in order to remain competitive. With more than 10 years of project experience, over 110 project partners and 53 million euros in funding, consider it is committed to strengthening Germany as a research and development location.

More about consider it here.

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