ISS Europe

15 - 16 Feb 2023

ISS EuropeEU Chips Act: Realizing Europe’s ambition by 2030. ISS Europe will take place on 15-16 February 2023 in Vienna.

The increase in the global demand for semiconductors, which is expected to double by 2030, has exposed the dependencies of the supply chain on large global actors and the potential frailties of this supply chain within certain geographies. This, in turn, has led governments around the world to consider their dependency on this vital commodity which is considered critical for key areas driving economies such as communications, security, and mobility.

This year’s SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium Europe – ISS Europe theme is “EU Chips Act: Realizing Europe’s Ambition by 2030”. The resilience of Europe’s Semiconductor sector in the face of the many challenges will be discussed, including the supply of talent and the growth of manufacturing capacity. The ability of Europe to remain relevant within the geopolitically influenced supply chain by exploiting its leading-edge R&D capacities and ability to produce disruptive technologies will also be explored.


Session 1: Strategy and market forecast

Session 2: Closing the talent gap: Semiconductor Diverse Workforce Development

Session 3: Sustainable and Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Session 5: disruptive technology roadmap: Opportunities presented by Digitilization

European Award Ceremony

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