Workshop on competence centres in semiconductors

30 Nov 2022

This is a hybrid event, which will take place in Warsaw, Poland, and Online on Wednesday, 30 November, 10:00 – 16:00 CET. This workshop is organized by the Polish Ministry of Economic Development, Labour and Technology, and the European Commission, will discuss the next steps in setting up semiconductors competence centers. These competence centers are crucial elements of the Chips for Europe Initiative, which is part of the proposed Chips Act. The competence centers are expected to support SMEs with semiconductor technologies, and to contribute to training the workforce.

The workshop will include discussions and presentations from centers with similar goals, such as the HPC and AI competence centers and the European Digital Innovation Hubs.

The workshop will include three sessions:

  • The first session will focus on the experiences of existing hubs and centers with similar objectives.
  • The second session will feature the input from companies and other stakeholders making use of the centers.
  • In the third session, the representatives of national authorities will share their views on setting up semiconductors competence centers.

More information about the workshop and agenda are available here.

Registration is available here.

More about Chips for Europe Initiative here.