Watch Part 3 from the SME testimonials series of interviews – Sana Fateh from Synano BV

17 Nov 2022

The interview with the founder of Synano BV Sana Fateh is the third part of a series of testimonials from AENEAS SME members. These interviews aim at highlighting the importance of collaborative innovation.

Synano BV is involved in the BRAINE KDT JU project consortium. As stressed by Sana Fateh, being a part of this consortium allowed Synano to come in touch with many bigger and smaller companies and research institutes across Europe, allowing her SME, at the back of the value chain, to learn and better understand the market.

“One of the benefits of joining a consortium is that you already work with your potential customers’’, highlights Sana Fateh.

Becoming an AENEAS member recently in January 2022, Sana Fateh underlines that AENEAS support is useful for her to get informed about the different European calls, as well as to get noticed by other members during the networking events.

Watch the full video interview here.

About Synano BV

Founded in 2017 in Delft, the Netherlands, Synano is a start-up with a vision to become a worldwide provider of nanotech cooling solutions for companies, keen to reduce their energy consumption and/or facing demanding thermal management challenges. Synano develops nano-structured cooling fluids to replace standard coolants in markets ranging from automotive to data centers. Currently active in the R&D of nano-coolants for single and two-phase cooling systems along with nano-scale surface modifications using nanofluids.

More about Synano BV here.

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