Chips Act- stakeholder consultation on the European semiconductor value chain

13 Oct 2022

On 10 October , the European Commission together with the 27 Member States launched a consultation on the semiconductor value chain.

The consultation seeks to gather views, evidence and data from both companies active in the semiconductor supply chain and companies which rely on semiconductors to deliver their products or services. So it consists of two surveys, one for the suppliers and one for the end-users of semiconductors

This consultation is based on an earlier survey launched in February 2022 aiming at gathering preliminary information on current and future demand for chips and wafers, and as a first step to help understand the impact of the chip supply crisis on European industry. Please find the results here of this previous survey.

Based on these results, this consultation is a first step towards establishing a precise assessment of risks, increasing transparency of the value chain and resilience against potential disruptions, as well as enabling decision-makers to properly respond to semiconductor shortages.

This consultation is being conducted as part of the work of the European Semiconductor Expert Group (ESEG). This group, set up following the publication of a Recommendation that is part of the Chips Act Package proposed by the EC earlier this year. It aims to facilitate rapid and effective information exchange between Member States on market developments that put Union supplies at risk, and to enable a coordinated crisis response.

The results of these surveys will be instrumental in proposing a way forward for the monitoring mechanism presented in the Chips Act proposal for a regulation. This could notably include identifying appropriate early warning indicators to anticipate future shortages in the semiconductor supply chain and prevent semiconductor crises.

The surveys are open until 11 November 2022.

Click on the following links to respond to the surveys:

I would like to participate in the suppliers survey

I would like to participate in the end-users survey

The surveys were tested with volunteer companies, which confirmed they were fit for purpose and did not pose a risk in terms of business confidential data.