The Xecs Call 2 is Now Open!

30 Sep 2022

The Xecs Call 2 was officially opened during the Xecs Call 2 Launch Event on 29 September 2022. If you were unable to attend this online event or want to remind some useful information, provided by Public Authorities representatives or Xecs team, you can watch the Xecs Call 2 Launch video-recording, as well as download the presentation slides here.

Projects can be submitted in all areas of the 2022 ECS-SRIA. However, as some countries have specific priorities in terms of funding criteria, project managers and partners are strongly urged to review their Project Ideas with the Public Authorities concerned at an early stage to ensure that there is close alignment between the project goal and national priorities. You can learn more about the representative of your national funding body here.


Project Outlines must be submitted by 23 February 2023 in the Project Zone. Full Project Proposals must be submitted by 25 May 2023, 17:00 CEST.

Create your future Xecs RD&I Project Consortia

For your next steps, we invite you to meet potential collaborators through the ECS Collaboration Tool or attend the events we organise to specifically promote networking and idea sharing. Get to know more about the Xecs Call 2, as well as use the networking opportunities to create your future Xecs RD&I project consortia at EFECS 2022. Use the partner search on ECS Collaboration Tool to look in advance for possible project partners and further network directly during the EFECS event. As well as continue to reinforce your consortia building and exchange project ideas in the tool after your physical meetings at the networking events.

Learn more about the Xecs Call 2 here.

Xecs is a Eureka Network Cluster operated by AENEAS.