Watch the recording of the COREnect Policy Workshop!

17 Jun 2022

The COREnect Policy Workshop took place online on June 16, 2022

The video recording  is now available here.

This COREnect Policy Workshop brought together stakeholders from the microelectronics and connectivity domains, the public and industry sectors: European Commission DG CNECT, Ministry of Economic Affairs The Netherlands, BPI France, Business Finland, Eureka Secretariat, SEMI Europe, 6G-IA, AENEAS, AUSTRALO, Ericsson, Fivecomm, imec, Nokia, NXP, STMicroelectronics, TUD. 

During this online event, COREnect consortium presented the high-level Strategic Roadmap with recommendations to help Europe reach leadership in chips for digital connectivity infrastructures, one of the main objectives of the proposed European Chips Act. Developed between 2020 and 2022, with the participation of 100+ technical experts from more than 50 organisations across Europe out of which AENEAS representing the microelectronics actors, the COREnect strategic R&I roadmap is now finalised providing detailed insights on strategic actions required to achieve European leadership in microelectronics and connectivity within the next 10 years. Read the EC news article here, where the EC refers to COREnect as a “European think tank”, a clear endorsement of the very valuable work done over the course of the two-year project.

This workshop demonstrated the alignment between the COREnect recommendations and the strategy being currently put in place in Europe, under the umbrella of several initiatives such as the Chips Act, the Important Project of Common European Interest on Microelectronics and Telecommunication Technologies, and the new Eureka Clusters Programme. All speakers insisted on the importance of developing a strong Digital Infrastructure for Europe, leveraging the 5G and 6G technologies and making sure that they can be deployed globally while preserving European sovereignty.

Based on the trends observed in the automotive sector, a clear wake-up call was articulated, pointing out that the current position of the European microelectronics industry will not allow it to fully benefit from the expected shifts in the value chain, in the telecommunications sector and other verticals. While maintaining its strongholds, Europe should put a strong emphasis on the development of a vibrant design ecosystem, training the young generations, attracting foreign talent, and developing both design tools and design houses in advanced digital and mixed-signal technologies. This would pave the way, in the longer term, to the build-up of European manufacturing capacities for these advanced nodes.

Another clear message was the need for increased collaboration between the microelectronics and the telecommunications communities, to align their strategic research agendas and develop collaborative R&I projects bridging the two domains. With that respect, the recent signature of the Memorandum of Understanding between AENEAS and the 6G-IA associations was outlined by several speakers as a major achievement of COREnect, and a stepping stone towards fully realising the synergies of the two domains for the benefit of Europe.

The agenda and information about the  workshop speakers are available here.

About the Research & innovation roadmap for European Leadership in Digital Infrastructures

The COREnect strategic R&I roadmap D3.6 Final COREnect Industry Roadmap provides detailed insights on strategic actions required to achieve European leadership in microelectronics and connectivity within the next decade.

Three expert groups were established focusing on 3 strategic focus areas that are critical for addressing microelectronics needs to support future connectivity: Compute & Store, Connect & Communicate, Sense & Power.

This roadmap starts by setting the scene on Europe’s current and future perspective on connectivity and providing an overview of the strategic trends and potential business opportunities in the areas of future connectivity and microelectronics.

Discover the Roadmap and deliverables here.

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