Final COREnect Industry Roadmap has been published!

02 Jun 2022

After 1.5 years of continuous efforts, with the participation of 100+ top technical experts from more than 50 organisations from both telecom and microelectronics industries across Europe, the COREnect final Industry Roadmap has been finalised providing detailed insights on strategic actions required to achieve European leadership in microelectronics and connectivity within the next 10 years.

To facilitate the roadmapping work, three expert groups were established focusing on 3 strategic focus areas that are critical for addressing microelectronics needs to support future connectivity: Compute & Store, Connect & Communicate, Sense & Power.

This roadmap starts by setting the scene on Europe’s current and future perspective on connectivity and providing an overview of the strategic trends and potential business opportunities in the areas of future connectivity and microelectronics. It carries out SWOT analyses on different market segments and identifies strategic actions for each strategic focus area and then concluded with a summary of strategic actions across the three strategic focus areas.

Full text of the Final COREnect Industry Roadmap can be downloaded here.

The key recommendations and priorities of the Roadmap will be presented to a broad ICT audience during the COREnect Workshop at the EUCnC Summit on 7 June and more precisely – during the dedicated COREnect Policy Workshop on 16 June.

More about the workshops in the latest COREnect Newsletter.