COREnect Policy Workshop

16 Jun 2022

An Action Plan for European Leadership in Digital Infrastructures

The COREnect Policy Workshop brings together stakeholders from the microelectronics and connectivity domains to discuss the priorities and recommendations from the COREnect roadmap, and how to implement the concrete steps required to achieve European leadership in microelectronics and connectivity within the next 10 years through a concrete action plan.

This should lead to defining a concrete way forward bringing Chips act into reality in the domain of connectivity, building a solid foundation towards a prosperous European digital decade, through the constitution of a combined microelectronics and connectivity European ecosystem.

Learing from the COREnect roadmap and the existing landscape (KDT and SNS JU, IPCEI, Chips Act proposal, existing initiatives at MS level): what would be the required strategic actions to address EU concerns on its autonomy in trusted critical connectivity infrastructures? Hear from the speakers during the first panel session of the Workshop.

How can we use the existing and planned European landscape to invest and provide policy support for implementing an innovative and vibrant microelectronics and connectivity ecosystem, and an abundant pool of skills & competence? Get some information during the panel 2.

More on the Workshop Programme and Registration here.