EPoSS Annual Forum 2022

04 - 07 Oct 2022

European Association on Smart Systems Integration (EPoSS) will hold its Annual Forum on 4-7 October 2022 in Turin, Italy. This year’s event will be hosted by MESAP Innovation Cluster.


Brokerage opportunities will be organised to network with especially SMEs, start-ups and young researchers. As part of the event and inspiring informative sessions from the domain speakers, funding opportunities session, the EPoSS Start-up Award will take place. The participants will present their innovations in early or mature stages of development, concepts, ideas or business cases.

Among the networking, informative and brokerage activities, get to know more about funding opportunities provided under the Xecs programme. On day 2 of 6 October, Xecs Director Nadja Rohrbach will speak about the countries national support, brokerage opportunities to create project consortium (at future EFECS 2022) and give some useful hints of how to submit a successful application of RD&I projects through the Eureka Cluster Xecs.

More details in the preliminary agenda here.

For more information on the program, speakers and registration see the EPoSS website.