Innovations in Medical Sphere: ECSEL JU project HELoS announces the Health. E Lighthouse Initiative Symposium

10 Jan 2022

The Health. E Lighthouse Symposium  is announced to take place on 8-9 March 2022 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Organised by the HELoS project team and Health.E lighthouse liase, this symposium constitutes the 3rd Workshop of the HELoS CSA, which supports ECSEL Health. E Lighthouse Initiative. The registration form and further details on the symposium program can be found on the Health.E Lighthouse website.


About Health.E Symposium

Despite the arising of new medical domains that hold great promise both for the patients and the pharmaceutical and electronic components and systems industries, innovation in electronic medical devices is considered to be quite slow. The lack of innovative open technology platforms in the medical domain is a problem that Health.E lighthouse eagers to pay attention to.

During the past three years, the ECSEL JU Health.E lighthouse has explored the possibilities, advantages, and issues associated with open technology platforms for emerging medical devices. Two workshops have been already organised and two whitepapers have been published. The insights will be presented during this year’s symposium.  The participants will be able to learn about:

  • The view of large companies, SMEs, RTOs and the commission on the implementation of innovation for medical devices;
  • How projects that are connected to the Health.E lighthouse implement OTPs for emerging medical domains;
  • OTPs for medical devices that are available right now.

The Health.E lighthouse Objectives

A lighthouse initiative is coordinating projects coming from different programmes working towards common goals. They aim to give Europe differentiating factors to compete in the next generation of integrated solutions for electronic components and systems by engaging all the needed actors in the value chain and by connecting projects from different European programs like ECSEL JU, H2020, PPPs, Eureka, etc.

Health.E will stimulate the development of open technology platforms and standards for medical devices and systems, moving away from the inflexible and costly point solutions that presently dominate electronic medical device manufacturing. Open technology platforms, supported by roadmaps, will generate the production volumes needed for sustained technology development, resulting in new and better solutions in the healthcare domain. In this way Health.E will accelerate innovation along the whole medical instrument supply chain.