New COREnect published deliverables of which the initial COREnect industry roadmap

15 Jul 2021

Publication of the D3.3 Initial COREnect industry roadmap

One of the key COREnect objectives is to define a strategic R&I roadmap for future European connectivity systems and components, supporting European’s strategic autonomy and sovereignty objectives.

This report drafts the first contours of a strategic R&I roadmap for future European connectivity systems and components. These contours have been defined based on input from all relevant stakeholders by the installation of expert groups, across different domains and communities (including SNS and KDT), covering the relevant actors from industry, research, academia, associations, policy analysis etc.  These expert groups have been divided over three strategic focus areas (Compute and Store, Connect and Communicate, and (Sense and Power). Across these expert groups, common challenges and roadmap approaches have been defined, and common strategic actions have distilled.

This report advices to address three different timeframes to achieve enhanced focus in terms of strategic investments, markets, and technological development. The envisioned timeframes are short-, mid-, and long-term (respectively ~2, ~5, >10 years from now). Based on the defined roadmap directions, the currently defined strategic actions for Europe focus on strengthening its semiconductor manufacturing equipment, strengthening its position in the EDA solution market and fabless actors, enhance its contribution in standardisation and maintain its support to strategic infrastructure

This report is the first in a series of three. The upcoming work and deliverables will mature the strategic roadmap definition based on progressive insight and enhanced stakeholder consultation and interaction. The current report will be used as a platform for further discussion with the experts. The outcome of these discussions will result in the intermediate strategic roadmap report D3.4. That report will then be used for public consultation and final consolidation toward the final strategic roadmap report D3.5. Given this buildup, it should be clear to the reader that the current report (D3.3) is the first step in defining the envisioned strategic roadmap.

Read the full D3.3 Initial COREnect industry roadmap here.

Publication of the D4.2 Interim report on community building and outreach

Work Package 4 significantly contributed to the progress made on the three main project objectives, i.e., bringing together the relevant stakeholders that form the COREnect community; establishing a two-way communication with the SNS and KDT communities; and effectively disseminating results to the external stake- holders to encourage them in the future to be part of the community or use its results.

Read the full D4.2 Interim report on community building and outreach here.