PENTA and EURIPIDES² project AI-SEE kicks off

17 Jun 2021

Enabling automated driving in variable traffic and weather conditions: AI-SEE project kicks off

Without artificial intelligence and without proven safety for all road users, autonomous driving will not be a part of the future. Before automated vehicles are introduced to the market, we must ensure that they can operate in a reliable manner in all relevant conditions. This requires an all-conditions capable AD system that can ensure the safety of users in all relevant weather and lighting conditions such as snow, heavy rain or fog in 24h/365-day mode.

In the AI-SEE project, a PENTA EURIPIDES² funded research project safe travel in poor visibility conditions is key. The project, led by Mercedes Benz AG, will develop a robust, fault tolerant perception system to enable autonomous driving in all-weather and daylight conditions experienced 365 days of the year.

21 partners comprising world class players on the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and supplier level are joining together to develop this multi-sensor perception system which will be functional in practically all lighting and weather conditions to allow for safe automated driving at SAE Level 4.

The impact of AI-SEE will not only greatly strengthen Europe’s competitiveness by enabling the market introduction of L4 automation by 2030, but it will also save time and development costs.

This PENTA EURIPIDES² co-labelled project has the potential to be a game changer in the global race for automated vehicles and could be within reach of being the first to enter the market and pave the way for safe automated driving.

Find out more about AI-SEE project here.